Empowering Green Business Leadership: Insights from the  Training Activity

A “Train the Trainer” event held by STANDO LTD was a crucial platform to raise awareness about Green Business Leadership and engage media leaders, stakeholders and representatives. Over two days, from 12-13 December 2023, 13 participants gathered to deepen their understanding of green policies at EU level, explore existing green business leadership competencies and strategize on how to raise environmental awareness among SME leaders. 

The event proved to be an invaluable opportunity for knowledge exchange and collaboration, setting the stage for potentially game-changing action in sustainable business practices.

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The event focused on the overall mission of the GreenElement Project, which is dedicated to promoting environmental awareness and sustainability practices. Being a key cornerstone in this effort, the event equipped trainers with the tools and knowledge they need to lead these important initiatives. Through a dynamic three-day training filled with insightful sessions, hands-on workshops and engaging discussions led by industry experts, participants from various backgrounds perfected their skills and deepened their understanding of the principles of sustainable leadership.

The spirit of collaboration was evident at the event, as participants shared best practices and joined in dynamic discussions. Beyond individual growth, the event reinforced a sense of collective empowerment as trainers prepared to spread the green message across communities and promote meaningful change on a global scale. With each participant ready to become a green advocate, the event marked an important step forward in promoting sustainable business practices and environmental management.

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