A Dynamic kick-off meeting triggers sustainable entrepreneurial leadership in vocational education and training

The GreenELEMENT project, dedicated to promoting sustainable business leadership, was launched with a dynamic kick-off meeting in Rotterdam, Netherlands. Led by NEFINIA, the project coordinators, and with the participation of partners from Greece, Denmark, Bulgaria, and Cyprus, the meeting on 23/11 was a hub for promoting green business practices in vocational education and training (VET). 

With a shared commitment to drive innovation and sustainability, participants came together to set the stage for a life-changing journey toward greener, more conscious leadership.


At the heart of the meeting was a focused discussion on the project’s primary objectives, most notably the formulation of the Green Business Leadership Key Competencies (GBLC) training program. This initiative aimed to arm VET trainers with the requisite skills and knowledge to create a new breed of business leaders equipped to tackle the sustainability challenges of the 21st century. With a firm emphasis on developing a “green leadership mindset,” the project tries to build responsible market behavior and champion environmental and societal stewardship among leaders of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

The outcome of the meeting was characterised by decisive discussions on decision-making, defining responsibilities and strategic dissemination of the project’s vision and objectives. As the project moves into its next phase, the efforts of its diverse partners promise to lead to meaningful change in the areas of vocational education and sustainable business practices. Armed with a shared vision and a commitment to innovation, the GreenELEMENT project is ready to catalyze a change in mindset towards greener, more sustainable leadership in the business landscape of tomorrow.

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